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Retiring helper dog “is my heart and soul”

Happy retirement Honey Bee!

A Lincoln adventure dog is retiring after 11 years helping many a ruff hound with aggression and anxiety issues.

Owner Steven Breach took Honey Bee, who is a Sighthound cross, on from Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels in Ingham in 2007 when she was just 18 months old.

Honey Bee initially had aggression issues herself, but Steve helped her progress to become a dog that has helped thousands of canines over the years, as well as being involved in searches, climbing mountains and taking part in exhibitions and charity events.

Over 150 people and over 80 dogs, including past and present behavioural cases and daycare friends, came down to the Dogs Adventure Paddocks at the weekend to celebrate her retirement.

Owner Steven Breach when he first got his adventure dog Honey Bee. Photo: Steven Breach

Steven owns The Dog Adventure Company, which was founded in 2011 to help with dog daycare and various aspects of the animals’ lives.

He told The Lincolnite: “She had aggression issues and I could see she needed help so I decided to take a leap of faith.

“The first couple of months were a baptism of fire as I struggled to get to grips with her issues. Having never had a dog before it was my time spent rehabilitating her that showed me the best way to train dogs. Through calm and relaxed positive body language.

“Over the years Honey Bee and I have travelled all over the UK helping owners specifically with anti-social and aggressive dogs. She is great at sensing how far a dog needs to be told and judges the best way to calm the dog down.

“She is a one in a million dog, the original Adventure Dog and she is my heart and soul.”

Marley and Honey Bee

Steve added: “I remember one case in particular where a dog called Marley, a recent rescue, had severe aggression towards other dogs, leaving the owners very worried and at a loss to how to handle her.

“Honey Bee and I did a number of sessions working on keeping both Marley and owners calm, but Honey Bee was exceptional in the way she could read Marley’s body language. Before long they were off together and ever since Marley has joined in with our daycare and boarding services meeting lots of other dogs.”


Honey Bee is now looking to stay Paws-itive in retirement after a fun party.

Steve said: “The day showed just how possible it is to improve a dog’s socialisation skills allowing them to become a relaxed part of society.

“Honey Bee is now spending more time at the family home looking after her latest charge, our 14 week old son. She is always keen for adventure but appreciates the chance to have lie in!”

Photo: Steven Breach

Photo: Steven Breach

Photo: Steven Breach