June 27, 2018 1.17 pm This story is over 40 months old

Imps glory days token goes up for auction

Expected to fetch a pretty penny in online auction

A genuine silver token from the 1975/76 season of Lincoln City FC that emerged at a charity shop has gone up for auction.

Staff at the St Barnabas Hospice charity shop found the mystery glory days token in the bottom of a donation box and have since put it up for auction on eBay.

The auction started at £29.99, but the price quickly shot up to £44 with four eager bidders, while another 12 are watching the item.

An identical token numbered 37 sold in an auction for £38 in October 2017.

Colin Young, principal auctioneer at Golding Young & Mawer, thinks that this token could sell for more than the one they sold in 2017.

He said: “My gut feeling is that these tokens were produced to be sold as collectors’ items to commemorate the 1975/76 season.

“The No 37 token that we sold last year went for £38, but collectors want to find a token with the lowest number possible – like the no 1 token – which is the golden goose.”

Matt Howes, online shops manager at St Barnabas, said: “We think that it could be a commemorative medal which was awarded to Lincoln City players from the 1975/76 season.

“There are another four days until the auction finishes, and these things always escalate towards the end, so we are expecting a flurry of activity when it closes on Sunday.”

Staff at the charity shop have polished the token to reveal a golden finish on the back.

The front of the token features the famous imp surrounded by “Lincoln City F.C. 4th Division Champions 1975-76,” and “No 7” has been engraved on the back.

The silver hallmarking on the back of the token appears to reveal its Birmingham origins.

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