January 9, 2019 3.53 pm This story is over 58 months old

Meet the Lincoln man finding fugitives for Channel 4’s Hunted

He’s revealed what he would do to evade the hunters and win the show

A Lincoln man starring in the new series of Channel 4’s Hunted has revealed what it’s like to find fugitives and how he would evade hunters if roles were reversed.

Steve Cottam had just left special operations in the military when the show’s producers asked him to join the show before it first aired in September 2015.

He had spent years gathering intel in places like Iraq and Afghanistan but was ready for a new challenge when he joined the hit show.

Ahead of the launch of series four on Channel 4 on Thursday, January 10 at 9pm we spoke to the Lincoln man who has been hunting down people all over the country.

“I’ve got a military background where I was out on special operations gathering intelligence in dangerous countries,” he told The Lincolnite.

“When I left the military I got a LinkedIn message asking to be in the show. I didn’t believe them at first but now I’ve been in the show from the beginning.”

The award-winning reality show sees contestants try to win a share of £100,000 in prize money. To win, people have to evade hunters for 25 days while travelling all over the country.

He is pictured here with other hunters from the show.

He continued: “I can guarantee that the new series is going to be the best one by far. We’ve got a real mix of people trying to evade us, even some ex convicts and former addicts who have turned their lives around.

“There’s even going to be a big twist which I’m excited for. I would love to be one of the fugitives and test my skills against my colleagues.

“I would take the fight to the hunters if I got the chance to be a fugitive. I would make sure that I’m the one bugging them, placing trackers on their cars and forcing them to make mistakes.”

Steve thinks that he would be able to defeat the hunters. He also runs a company called Hunt Or Be Hunted where people can sign up for a similar experience to the show.

He runs the company with Paul Cashmore, who also stars in the TV show Hunted, and plans on doing a charity event to raise money for LIVES.

“I am really excited for the new series,” Steve said. “We have had a private show for the first episode and I can say that it’s great and the series only gets better from there.”