February 21, 2019 11.08 am This story is over 56 months old

Women ‘caught on camera’ after war memorial defaced

The words “shell” and “jane” were found sprawled under the bench

Two women were caught on camera allegedly defacing a war memorial bench in Horncastle.

Residents in the town were furious when the words “shell” and “jane” were found sprawled into freshly laid concrete.

Shortly after pictures emerged of two women in front of the bench, which is designed to commemorate those who fought in the first World War.

They have defaced the memorial.

The pictures of the women sparked fury on the Horncastle Community Facebook page where people who believed they were responsible said they should “hang their heads in shame.”

Ben Louth wrote: “Vandalism is a family business in Horncastle then…always the poor teenagers that get the blame.”

“This is pretty unbelievable,” said Jo Carr. “No words express how sad this is for those who wish to remember those who gave their lives.”