March 18, 2019 5.05 pm This story is over 37 months old

Roarsome! Giant dinosaur heading to toy store opening

It is 4.5 metres in length

A giant 4.5 metre long dinosaur will be a colossal presence at the opening of Lincoln’s latest toy store.

As previously reported, Smyths Toys Superstores will open its first Lincoln store at the Tritton Retail Park on Saturday, March 23.

Schleich will bring its giant T-Rex model which will be displayed from 9am-4pm outside the new store located in the area formerly occupied by Bensons for Beds and Office Outlet.

Schleich’s 4.5 metre long dinosaur will add extra fun to Smyth’s Toys opening day event.

It will create a good photo opportunity for people who love all things Jurassic.

Paul Dearlove from Schleich UK said: “It’s a huge challenge moving our T Rex around the country, but worth seeing the kids’ faces when we do. He remains a favourite with children of all ages!”

Smyths Toys currently has over 100 stores throughout the UK & Ireland including one at the Victoria Retail Park on King Edward Street in Grimsby.

The arrival of a new toy chain will be a welcome boost for the city after Toys R Us fell into administration last year, leading to the closure of the Lincoln store.

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