May 16, 2019 1.07 pm This story is over 54 months old

Lincoln professor a ‘life saver’ for cancer treatment

His equipment enables radiographers to target cancers with more accuracy

A distinguished professor from the University of Lincoln has been praised as a “life saver” for his work developing a new cancer screening system.

Nigel Allinson MBE, who works at the School of Engineering, has been named amongst the top 100 individuals based at universities whose work is making a big difference to health and wellbeing.

He developed a £3.25 million screening system which was dubbed as the ‘Holy Grail’ for its treatment.

The Optimising Proton Therapy Through Imaging project creates three dimensional images of a patient’s anatomy.

It gives radiographers the opportunity to create a more accurate and tailored plan for their patients. The treatment can even reduce the radiation dosage required for hard to reach cancer areas in the heads, neck, spine and close to other vital organs.

Universities from across the country were invited to nominate an individual or group who has made a significant contribution.

Professor Allinson said: “I’m thrilled to be featured as one of the Nation’s Lifesavers. These innovations in medical imaging can make a real difference to people’s lives by enabling clinicians to plan more accurately and create the optimum treatment for each individual patient.

“Not only that, but this technology also has the potential to significantly improve patient’s quality of life by minimising side effects.”