September 11, 2019 4.55 pm This story is over 55 months old

Public toilets trashed after council opens them overnight

The council opened them overnight in response to complaints about public urination

Vandals have trashed public toilets in Boston shortly after the local council opened them overnight.

Cleaning attendants had quite the job on their hands on the morning of Tuesday, September 10 with toilet paper thrown everywhere along with cigarette buts and broken dispensers.

Boston Borough Council opened the toilets overnight in response to complaints about people urinating in the town’s streets.

Pictures of a man urinating on Boston’s war memorial at the end of July likely sparked the move to open the public toilets.

Would you put up with this?

“Then look what happens,” wrote the council on their Facebook page. “This mindless vandalism happened just last night.

“Our toilet attendants arrived this morning and had to deal with this mess. Would you put up with this?”