January 16, 2020 2.34 pm This story is over 51 months old

Hundreds poke fun at ‘long leg’ of Lincoln Imp trail statue

People joked that the Imp was “well hung” and some even asked: “Is he single?”

Hundreds of people have poked fun at the design of the new Lincoln Imp trail, as the statues are seen in public for the first time.

Many have been drawn to the long dangling leg of the statue, which sits a bit more central than the original in Lincoln Cathedral.

It prompted some to call for a redesign, but it may be a little late for that with the Lincoln Imp Trail 2020 starting this summer.

The first time one of the statues emerged in uphill Lincoln hundreds said that the Imp was “well hung” and some even asked: “Is he single?”

A local took a picture of the statue and then shared an innocent post on the ‘You’re probably from Lincoln if’ page before it was taken over by jokesters.

The original Lincoln Imp.

Brendon McGowan said: “Put the snake back in the cage son, this is a family place.”

Natalie Wallinger said: “I had to look twice. I honestly thought it was his tallywhacker.

Ann Haywood added: “Oh flip. I think my mind is at the mud track level. After a quick glance, I thought it was part of the male anatomy hanging down.”

David Phillips was a little disappointed: “I love the mighty Lincolnshire and I am an imp but this cannot go ahead.

“Somebody’s going to repaint one. You just know it will happen.”

A Local pub The Lion and Snake even got in on the joke and said: “First look at the Lincoln Imp trail, his missus must be happy.”

On a more serious note, Laura Wilson said: “Hopefully they’ll look a little less phallic once they are painted.”

As previously reported, 30 full-sized Imps will invade Lincoln when the trail hits the city’s streets in 2020.