April 27, 2021 9.38 am This story is over 31 months old

Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable: 100 days in the role

A focus on crime prevention and COVID challenges

Lincolnshire Police’s latest Chief Constable has been in the role for over 100 days and has said his time so far has been “fantastic” as he brings in new strategy for the force.

Chris Haward became the new Chief Constable for Lincolnshire on December 19, 2020, moving from his role as East Midlands Deputy Chief Constable, and replacing Bill Skelly, who retired.

Mr Haward has been visiting officers and staff across the county, setting his strategy and delivery plan, focusing on crime and antisocial behaviour prevention, protecting those from harm and planning for summer COVID challenges.

He reflected fondly on his first 100 days in the role: “It’s been fantastic! Because of the time that I’ve joined with leading up to March and the new financial year, all the planning has given me an opportunity to go out and meet a good proportion of my officers and get out to some of the stations.”

Chief Constable Haward has visited staff in Skegness, Mablethorpe, Boston, Louth, Horncastle, Lincoln and Gainsborough.

He said: “I’ve been getting out and talking to my officers and staff and saying what is it they want from me as a Chief Constable and to set out my own expectations as well.”

The delivery plan ensures there is a “real focus now on stopping crime and antisocial behaviour and protecting people from harm and helping those in need.” It is being communicated out to the force and will set the direction for the force for the next five years.

He added: “There’s obviously quite a lot that goes underneath those strands about how we deliver them, but that’s the focus that we’re trying to get and I’m trying to push as a Chief Constable coming in.”

Mr Haward has also been making sure his officers are looked after and vaccinated ready for the busy summer months when COVID breaches are expected to rise, particularly in coastal areas in Lincolnshire, where people will be holidaying.

He said: “I’ve got to say a huge thanks to the NHS and to Public Health England because we’ve now got a significant proportion of our workforce vaccinated which is great.”