April 6, 2021 9.07 am This story is over 36 months old

Meet the Wombles of Lincoln: The social media litter picking group

Three cheers for the Wombles of Lincoln!

By Local Democracy Reporter

A group of Lincoln residents have used social media to come together and tackle the littering problem in the area.

The Wombles of Lincoln was set up at the beginning of March 2021 and already has around 400 members, inspired by the 1960s fictional characters that taught children how to recycle properly.

The group was created by Rebecca Dunn, Alice Kinloch and Rebecca Sinclair, in an aim to clean up the streets, parks and roadsides of Lincoln.

Hundreds of bags are being collected around Lincoln. | Photo: Rebecca Dunn

Everyone takes part in their own individual litter picks and let the group know that the area is clean, spreading the word across town.

The page’s about section states: “Let’s love where we live, and share our litter picking endeavours”, and that message has resonated with all members of the group.

Just one of many ventures out litter picking. | Photo: Brian Smith

In the four weeks since the group began, over 315 bags of litter have been collected, and people aren’t ready to stop there.

The Lincolnite asked the group what it means to be a part of the mission, and the response was wholly positive.

One member, Sarah Ann, said: “It’s simple, we all have a role to play for the environment. We are guardians of Earth, not owners. We do it for the children’s future.”

Members often have some handy helpers with them on their litter picks! | Photo: Sarah Ann

Katherine Smith is a recent member of the group but has been litter picking with her children since the half term school holidays, and called it an addiction.

“There are lots of us about, all trying to do our bit. It’s good exercise and good for your mental health, giving a real sense of achievement.

“The only trouble is, once you start one area, you really notice how bad the litter problem is everywhere, especially on busy main roads.”

Julie Hannam joined the group in early March and said it is “good to meet like minded people trying to do our bit cleaning up our home town.”

You just never know what you’ll find on a litter pick! | Photo: Lindsey Gray

One of the group organisers, Rebecca Dunn, said that the recent spate of littering on public parks and beaches, as a result of gatherings in the sunny weather, could easily make the work of the Wombles feel “futile and pointless.”

She did, however, say she won’t be giving up without fight, and will continue to go out litter picking to protect the environment.

Rebecca said: “We need to see this as a sign that a force for good is needed now more than ever, and we should use that anger to fight to look after what we all call home.

“Considering there is no Planet B there really is only one option as this isn’t a fight we can afford to lose! So I vote we do everything we can to show it’s ‘cool to care’ and inspire others to care too! Raise your pickers in the air and show we care!”