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A heartbroken mother from Alford who has tried five times to have a child, only to suffer miscarriages or devastating deaths, is fundraising to pay for a funeral for her baby boy Archie.

Hayley Collins was born with a severe heart condition in which just one part of a ventricle was formed. For context, a typically healthy human heart has two ventricles and two atria, Hayley has just part of one ventricle.

She has undergone multiple open heart surgeries in her 29-year life, but at the age of 18 she was told he could never have or carry a child.

Archie only survived for one week on ventilation. | Photo: Chelsea Collins

Despite this, in 2016 she fell pregnant for the first time and went into spontaneous labour after 26 weeks, undergoing an emergency C-section.

Freddie, her first child, was born in September 2016, but only survived three weeks after developing Necrotising Enterocolitis, which inflames the intestines and develops severe gut infections.

Following this, Hayley tragically went on to have three unfortunate miscarriages, leaving her at a loss in her dreams of carrying a child.

The tragedies Hayley has suffered are unimaginable. | Photo: Chelsea Collins

After meeting her now partner Dave, she fell pregnant for a 5th time in 2020, but this one again came with complications.

At 26 weeks gestation, on July 15, 2021, Hayley went for a hospital checkup and found her baby’s heart rate to be dropping significantly.

A decision was made for Hayley to have another emergency C-section to prevent her having to go through a stillbirth, and Archie was born.

Tragically, he had severe bleeds on his brain and in his bowel, only surviving a week before the difficult decision was made to remove his ventilation on July 23.

Archie received big cuddles in his short time on earth, and now the family want to give him the send off he deserves. | Photo: Chelsea Collins

Hayley managed to have a proper send off for her first born child Freddie, but due to finances being very short, they are worried that they can’t hold a big funeral for Archie.

A fundraiser has been set up to help Hayley and Dave along the way, and already it has received £1,000 worth of donations.

It was set up by Hayley’s sister Chelsea Collins, who shared the difficult memories of Archie’s final day before his ventilator was removed.

“We had many cuddles with him on his last day,” Chelsea said. “As we were having cuddles, his saturation levels were dropping. He was on 97% oxygen, but his saturation couldn’t pick up above 76%.

“It was evident he was dying on us and the time had come. We removed the ventilator and around five minutes later, he passed away peacefully.”

Funds raised will go towards transport costs to the funeral, a plot for him to be buried in near his brother, a headstone and a coffin, as well as other organisation costs.

If you wish to donate to the cause, visit the GoFundMe page.

A bomb from the Second World War that was detonated on a housing development near the Lincolnshire border has created a near 20ft crater.

The device, which weighed 227kg, was found on a new-build housing estate in Goole, East Yorkshire on Thursday, July 22.

It prompted eight houses to be evacuated and the M62 to close between junctions 35 and 37.

The device is believed to have been dropped by a Lancaster bomber during a crash landing, and it was successfully detonated at 4.22pm on Saturday, July 24.

It left a crater that was around 20ft deep, and it’s safe to say that development works on the Beal Homes build was temporarily delayed.

A plain clothed police officer in Scunthorpe was allegedly shot at in broad daylight by a 29-year-old man who has now been arrested for attempted murder.

The incident happened at 1.15pm on Glebe Road on Monday, July 26, and a police cordon was put in place around the area after the gun was fired.

The 29-year-old man was arrested and held in custody soon after the incident, for what is now reported as being on suspicion of attempted murder.

A police cordon surrounded the area after the incident. | Photo: BBC Local News Hub

Thankfully nobody was injured by the gunfire and investigating officers said that no further suspects are wanted in connection with this.

Assistant Chief Constable at Humberside Police, Chris Noble, said: “Understandably, an incident of this nature will come as a shock to local residents and the local community, and indeed to the police service.

“In response to community concerns, we have had an active presence in this area for a number of months now, and our commitment to proactive policing of crime will progress, undeterred.

“Local residents will continue to see a heightened presence in the area over the coming weeks as our officers and staff conduct enquiries, provide reassurance, listen to any concerns and engage with and support the community following yesterday’s incident.

“Although this incident is extremely serious, I would like to reassure members of the public that incidents of this nature in the Humberside police area are extremely rare.

“Our officers and staff remain dedicated to protecting members of the public, often placing themselves in dangerous situations and putting their own safety at risk to achieve this.

“Humberside Police has and will continue to provide support for the officer and our wider police family, as they come to terms with the events of yesterday.”

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