April 28, 2021 4.03 pm This story is over 38 months old

The Lincolnite tries: Uber in Lincoln!

A successful booking despite Uber ‘not operating’ in the city

Uber has quashed rumours that it has launched in Lincoln, but drivers who are licensed by nearby authorities are able to pick up customers in the city and The Lincolnite tried it out.

The company said “we have no immediate plans to launch in Lincoln,” but some customers told The Lincolnite that they had been using Uber for three months in Lincoln.

The Lincolnite used the app to book a journey between our offices at Spark House and north of the city. The driver successfully turned up and there were no issues!

The app kept The Lincolnite updated with the driver’s progress.

The driver from Leicestershire said that people thinking Uber is operating in Lincoln is a common confusion he has heard about.

Although he drives for other operators too, he said he has picked up some customers in Lincoln whilst working for Uber over the last few months.

An Uber spokeswoman said: “We have no immediate plans to launch in Lincoln. However, drivers who are licensed by nearby authorities are able to pick up riders in Lincoln.

“This cross-border driving is something that the law allows for and is common practice in private hire journeys in the UK.”

In a blog previously shared by Uber in February 2018, the firm said “we’ve heard from local licensing authorities that the way our app works can make it hard for them to oversee what some drivers are doing in their jurisdiction.”

The following month Uber made a significant change so that “drivers will only be able to use our app within the region where they are licensed as a private hire driver”.