May 12, 2021 10.45 am This story is over 14 months old

COVID rebels vandalise Cleethorpes school signs

“Staying human is more important than living in fear”

Several signs at a school in Cleethorpes have been defaced with stickers encouraging lockdown breaches by an anonymous movement called The White Rose.

The anti-lockdown messages on the signage at Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy included “Staying human is more important than living in fear. Hands, Face, Embrace. Stay free, ditch the muzzle, the media is the virus”.

Another said “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

Several signs at the school were defaced with anti-covid messages.

Some of the stickers included the message “Brought to you by: The White Rose” and included a link to a Telegram page.

One sticker showed a QR code with the message “Informed Consent [Scan Me]” and others ended with ‘Brought to you by: The White Rose” and a link to a Telegram page.

The QR code takes you to a website called BitChute, known as a video hosting platform which accommodates far-right individuals, conspiracy theories and some hate speech.

The page users are directed to is headed by a video from ex-Pfizer scientist Michael Yeadon, who has become an anti-vax figure over the pandemic. In the video, he describes fears and skepticism about COVID vaccines and lockdown.

He is known as the co-author of a petition against vaccine trials which quickly spread on social media claiming, without evidence, the vaccine caused female infertility. This was later debunked.

“These claims are false, dangerous and deeply irresponsible,” a spokesman for Britain’s Department of Health & Social Care said.

The school posted a series of photos of the vandalism saying: “A couple of our eagle-eyed parents have brought to our attention the following vandalism of our Academy signs. If you have any information please contact us at the Academy.

“We are currently looking through our CCTV footage which has clear sight to the front of the Academy where the signs have been defaced. Your support is sought.”

The school said it was looking through its CCTV footage.

The Lincolnite contacted the school and Humberside Police for further information.