June 17, 2021 3.47 pm This story is over 33 months old

Teen admitted to killing Roberts Buncis to friend, jury told

He told a friend he’d killed Roberts and wasn’t supposed to

A 14-year-old boy accused of murder admitted to a friend he had killed a 12-year-old, a jury was told on Thursday afternoon.

Another teenager told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court that the defendant contacted him in a Facebook Messenger call hours after the death of Roberts Buncis.

The teenager said: “He (the defendant) was saying he had killed him and he wasn’t supposed to.

“He said he had killed him. He said it wasn’t supposed to go on like that.

“He said they were fighting. He said both of them had knives. All he said was ‘He’s dead. It wasn’t supposed to happen’

“I didn’t know what to say. I thought it was a joke. Then I saw the news at 6pm.”

Police identified the victim as Roberts Buncis, 12.

The boy said that the defendant had unsent a message he posted saying “bad news”.

The teenager said: “He (the defendant) and Roberts used to be friends but I don’t know what happened. A couple of days ago they were still ok. I don’t know what happened.”

He said that he chatted with the defendant and played Minecraft with him before the defendant said he was going out.

“He said he was meeting Roberts and would be back soon. That’s all he said. I just said I would be going to sleep.”

The teenager said that he knew the defendant and in a pre-recorded video interview played to the jury he said: “I know he used to sell drugs at school. He got excluded from school for that.

“He stole bikes. He sold them so he could buy more marijuana. From what he said to me he started growing it in his house.”

The 14 year old, who cannot be identified because of a court order, denies the murder of Roberts Buncis.

The jury has been told that Roberts was lured from his home by the defendant in the middle of the night who then stabbed him “again and again” leaving him with multiple knife wounds.

Roberts’ body was found in a wooded area near to a footpath in the village of Fishtoft on the outskirts of the town of Boston, on the morning of December 12 last year (2020).

The trial continues.

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