September 22, 2021 12.41 pm This story is over 26 months old

Lincolnshire food shortages blamed on ‘supply chain issues’

The Co-op is ‘working hard’ to minimise disruption

Shoppers in Lincolnshire are facing food shortages as retailers battle ‘supply chain issues’ caused by the COVID pandemic and a lack of HGV drivers.

Residents have reported struggling to get certain products, including fizzy drinks, frozen fruit and vegetables and pre-packed sandwiches.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Co-op blamed the issue on a shortage of lorry drivers, self-isolations and changes in products that are ‘in demand’.

But the Co-op said it was working hard to overcome the issues.

The spokesperson said: “Lincolnshire Co-op – alongside every retailer in the country – is experiencing supply chain issues at the moment.

“The supply chain is complex, with many stages from manufacturer to store shelf, and the disruption is caused by lots of different factors.

“These include the impact of driver shortages and self-isolations, but also include buying habits changing. For example, more people bought pets during the pandemic which has impacted on pet food demand.

“We’re working hard with our suppliers and buying group to minimise any disruption and are thankful to our customers for their understanding and patience.”

The Lincolnite also contacted Tesco and Asda, but both supermarkets declined to comment.