September 14, 2021 5.21 pm This story is over 32 months old

Police urge protestors to stop as RSPCA probe cat welfare in Gainsborough

Over 50 cats allegedly kept in poor conditions

Lincolnshire Police are urging protestors who have been gathering outside a house in Gainsborough, where it is claimed a man is keeping between 50 to 90 felines in poor conditions, to stop and let the relevant agencies conduct their enquiries.

Officers attended a property on Portland Terrace in Gainsborough on Thursday, September 9 after reports of people gathering outside, which the force said was believed to relate to a number of cats being kept at the address. Officers and other officials were seen back at the property during the morning of Tuesday, September 14.

Eleven cats were rescued and a further one kitten sadly died from the house. The surviving 11 are in foster homes after being signed over to Michelle Page from Page’s Pet Rescue.

12 cats were rescued, including one pictured left who is being treated and a kitten (right) who sadly died. | Photo: Michelle Page

Michelle told The Lincolnite a woman was given 12 of the cats by the man, who calls himself “Catmando” and 11 of them were taken to the vets for treatment. They were all riddled with fleas and have cat flu, so are being treated with antibiotics and eye drops, while six of the adult felines need dental work.

She said she was also told by the woman that the condition of the house is disgusting and all the drains are blocked with excrement.

Michelle was among several local cat rescue groups who have been holding peaceful protests since September 9.

The protests were deemed to be the last option after the groups had flagged up the situation to the RSPCA, West Lindsey District Council and the local MP for several years, they said.

Cats inside the house with writing scrawled on the walls. | Photo: Michelle Page

Police are not leading the investigation, but will continue to work with the RSPCA. After attending two separate incidents on September 9, reported at 6.16pm and 8.49pm that day, the rescue groups left the area and no arrests were made.

West Lindsey Community Policing Inspector Gary Brockie said: “This morning (Tuesday), officers along with an RSPCA Inspector and a housing officer from West Lindsey District Council attended the address at Portland Terrace.

“This is not a police-led investigation however, we continue to work with and support the RSPCA who have the relevant information and expertise.

“My request is that those who have previously felt the need to gather in the location to please stop doing so as this will support the relevant agencies to conduct their enquiries into this sensitive incident in an unhindered manner.”

Around a dozen cats were rescued, but the kitten (left) sadly died and was found to be very thin. | Photo: Michelle Page

A spokesperson from the RSPCA said: “We are working closely with police and partner agencies, however, we are unable to comment on specific incidents.”

Police attended the Gainsborough property. | Photo: Michelle Page

Local cat rescue groups want the animals removed from the house in Gainsborough. | Photo: Michelle Page

| Photo: Michelle Page

| Photo: Michelle Page

| Photo: Michelle Page

| Photo: Michelle Page