January 24, 2022 5.48 pm This story is over 22 months old

Lincolnshire County Council faces lawsuit after deputy headteacher sexually abused pupils

One victim is urging others to come forward

A former pupil sexually abused by her deputy headteacher from the age of 10 is encouraging others to speak up about abuse as a civil lawsuit mounts against Lincolnshire County Council.

Deputy headteacher David Taylor from Lincoln and head of care Raymond Longley of Caythorpe were sentenced last year after being convicted of several sexual offences at the former Stubton Hall School, which is located between Grantham and Newark.

Patricia (not her real name) was sexually assaulted by Taylor throughout her time at the school for vulnerable children between 1993 and 1995. She is one of 26 former pupils who have contacted Andrew Grove and Co Solicitors in Cambridge, which is mounting a civil lawsuit against Lincolnshire County Council who owned and ran the school.

The 39-year-old is now speaking out about the abuse, which started when she was just 10 years old, and is encouraging other survivors to join her in seeking damages for the sickening crimes they endured.

Taylor and Longley’s offences spanned over a 20-year period between 1983 and 1995, with Taylor jailed for 19 years and six months, while Longley was put behind bars for four years.

Taylor worked at Stubton Hall between 1975 and 1995, the final thirteen of those years he served as deputy headmaster. He was found guilty of three counts of rape, four counts of indecent assault on a girl and two counts of assault, ill treat, neglect of a child or young person. The charges related to five separate victims.

David Taylor (left) and Raymond Longley (right) were two management level staff members at Stubton Hall School near Grantham. | Photo: Lincolnshire Police

Patricia said: “The sexual abuse consisted of Mr Taylor fondling my genitals and breasts. He also used to kiss me. Other times he was violent towards me.

“If I was naughty in his class he would beat me and restrain me and then throw me in a tiny cupboard where I had to stay for as long as he decided. When I look back, I don’t know how I put up with the abuse for so long but I had nowhere else to go.”

Solicitor Katherine Yates, from Andrew Grove and Co, said her clients are seeking significant compensation, urging anyone else who may have been affected, or who has information which might help the investigation, to come forward.

She said: “We are taking statements from witnesses and claimants to get a clearer idea of what was going on at Stubton Hall School.

“What we are being told is quite horrific and it is hard to believe that this level of sexual and physical abuse was going on in the relatively recent past.

“I believe that it is important that if anyone was physically or sexually abused at Stubton Hall School they make themselves known to my firm. We are listening.

“It does not matter if you have not previously come forward to the police. There are many reasons why people feel anxious about coming forward, but we would encourage anyone who was at the school to make contact. We can help.

“All claims are being funded by way of a no win, no fee agreement so financial concerns should not prevent anyone from making contact and bringing a claim.”

Heather Sandy, Lincolnshire County Council executive director for children’s services, said: “LCC expresses deep regret over the abuse suffered by the victims in this case.

“We wish to apologise to the victims and are pleased that justice has been done through the convictions in the criminal case.

“We hope that this brings some comfort and closure to the victims. We are unable to comment further regarding potential legal claims.”

Anyone wishing to contact Katherine Yates should email [email protected] or call 01223 367133 or 07810 224545.