February 3, 2022 8.00 pm

“My whole reason to live was taken away” – family’s torture after Louth double murder

‘I’ll never hear him shout daddy again’

The grieving friends and family of Louth murder victims Bethany Vincent and her son Darren Henson walked out of Lincoln Crown Court in solidarity, as killer Daniel Boulton was escorted away to spend his next 40 years in a cell.

A jury this week found Boulton, 30, guilty of murdering his ex-partner Bethany, 26, and her nine-year-old son Darren, known as DJ, and a judge did not delay in sentencing him to life in prison.

The case may now be closed from a legal perspective, but the torture faced by Bethany and DJ’s family and friends is far from over.

Bethany Vincent and her son Darren were killed in a devastating stabbing attack. | Photo: Facebook

Bethany’s mum Caroline Vincent has described how her world came to end when police officers knocked on her door and said her daughter had passed away on May 31 last year, stabbed to death by Boulton at her own home.

She said: “When they told me DJ had passed away as well, I just wanted to die. My beautiful girl and my grandson were gone.

“I was sure they had got it wrong. DJ was my special boy, he was born just 12 weeks after my dad passed away.”

“Daniel Boulton has ruined so many lives. No mother should have to bury their daughter, never mind their grandson.

“It is all because of one selfish man – Daniel Boulton.”

And DJ’s father, Kieran Henson, says his ‘whole reason to live’ has now been taken away.

He said: “I took my son home to his mum at 4pm, and a few hours later a police officer woke me and told me my son is no longer with us.

“The worst part was that I will never hear him (DJ) again shout ‘daddy.’

“I have gone from being a dad, to not being a dad. I don’t work anymore.

“My whole reason to live was taken away.”

Tragically, Mrs Vincent also revealed her daughter had been due to move house just four days later to an address unknown by Boulton.

People laying flowers in memory of Bethany and Darren. | Photo: Graeme Whitworth

Following Bethany and DJ’s deaths a charity called Be Their Voice was set up in Louth to speak up for victims of domestic abuse.

In a statement after the verdict, the charity said: “Our hearts and minds have never been far away from Bethany and DJ since their deaths, and never more so now.

“We shared in the shock of their deaths with our community, and from this developed our passion and commitment to ensure they did not die in vain.

“We will move forward to create a fitting legacy to them, by raising awareness of relationship and domestic abuse to help individuals recognise the early signs of toxic behaviours, and by signposting victims to support.

“We send our continued love and support to Bethany’s family and friends; and hope the creation of such a legacy brings a measure of peace and comfort to them moving forward.”

Daniel Boulton must serve at least 40 years in jail. | Photo: Lincolnshire Police