February 15, 2022 8.46 am

Police shame ‘drug driver with knife’ found slumped over wheel in Lincoln

Police said the most shocking part was his choice of booze

A Lincoln policing team has slammed a drug driver found slumped over a steering wheel in the city – listing his taste in stolen booze among his crimes.

Ambulance crews spotted a man at the wheel of his car in Northgate in the early hours of Tuesday, February 15.

Lincoln Police attended, and the male failed a roadside drug test.

Officers also found a knife in the car, as well as two bottles of alcohol with security tags still attached – a bottle of gin and a bottle of vanilla flavoured vodka.

The city centre policing team had a snigger at the man’s stash, posting on Facebook : “Some pretty naughty things taking place here. But for us the most shocking part had to be the vanilla flavoured vodka!?

“If you’re someone who drinks this stuff, have a word.

“Anyway, a drug driver and a knife off the streets……and some substance that can be loosely defined as a drink.”