March 3, 2022 4.00 pm

Increase in reports of Class C drug use in North Lincolnshire

There have been reports of a recent increase of a Class C drug being bought illicitly in North Lincolnshire.

When prescribed by a medical professional, Pregabalin (or Lyrica) is used to treat epilepsy, anxiety, fibromyalgia and nerve pain. However, taking the drug without medical approval can lead to increased risks of epileptic fits and injury.

By purchasing illicit items, there is the additional risk that they may be fake or counterfeit, meaning they will not have been manufactured to UK pharmaceutical standards. Consuming these items may be dangerous as it is uncertain what effects they may have on the user.

Already, people using Pregabalin without medical supervision have had to go to A&E. Using Pregabalin that is not prescribed by a medical professional can cause suppression of the central nervous system and damage a person’s brain function.

When mixed with other substances, such as alcohol, Pregabalin can increase poor decision making, leading to injuries or death.

Side effects of illicit use of Pregabalin include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Increased aggression
  • Choking on your own vomit

As a Class C drug, Pregabalin is only legal when prescribed by a medical professional. Possession without a lawful prescription is a criminal offence, meaning it is illegal to possess or supply – including giving tablets or capsules away for free.

If you have taken Pregabalin and feel unwell, you MUST get medical attention immediately due to the unpredictability of the tablets and the risk of epileptic fits.

If someone you are with collapses after using drugs like Pregabalin, call for medical assistance straight away. Do not leave the person on their own, check their breathing and put them in the recovery position to reduce the risk of choking.

For advice and support, contact Delta Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service on 01724 298528, or visit them at 22-24 Cole Street, Scunthorpe.

For honest advice about drugs, visit