April 21, 2022 11.26 am This story is over 25 months old

Grimsby gritter loves his job so much that he got a tattoo of it

The plougher of love!

By Local Democracy Reporter

A gritter driver from Grimsby has displayed the love he has for his job by getting a tattoo of his machine and the company that manufactures them on his arm.

Gavin McGuire works as a grounds maintenance technician for North East Lincolnshire Council by day, but moonlights as a gritter driver by night, and you will be hard pressed to find someone who loves their job as much as he does.

Gavin has taken that adoration to the next level, spending four hours getting a tattoo which depicts a DAF gritter manufactured by Econ Engineering,

Econ, which employs a 240-strong workforce, is a regular maker of gritters and snowploughs from its Ripon base and has been for over 50 years. Nine out of ten winter maintenance vehicles on UK roads have come from the Econ Engineering production line.

Gavin has been driving his gritter for three years now, and he loves every second of it. | Photo: Gary Davies Photography

Gavin, 48, said: “My colleagues do think I’m a little crazy, but I absolutely love my job hence this tattoo. It’s also nicely covered up the name of a previous relationship.

“As I probably won’t be driving my gritter again until late autumn, at least my tattoo will remind of it and nights spent gritting roads around North East Lincolnshire.”

Gavin added: “I’ve been driving a gritter now for three years, and it takes me about four hours to complete my run. This year has been quite steady, but last year was a lot heavier. I even have a nickname for my gritter, and yes I do pray for snow and ice most nights!”

Jonathan Lupton, Econ Engineering Managing Director, said: “There is a real community amongst gritter drivers, and they are very proud of the role they play keeping the country’s roads network moving, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

“Whilst I’m aware of at least one gritter drivers’ Facebook group, where they share photos and stories of their exploits, this is the first time I’ve seen an Econ gritter and Econ logo tattoo.

“I’m really impressed by Gavin’s devotion to his gritter, and on behalf of everyone at Econ Engineering we wish him many years of happy gritting.”