June 9, 2022 8.00 am

School eases Lincolnshire teen’s fears over epileptic seizures

She is now focusing on the positives

A Lincolnshire teenager feels more at ease about her epileptic seizures after staff and teaching assistants at her school were given training on how to help and support her.

Milla was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11 and faces daily challenges of not knowing when she’ll have a seizure which can have potentially dangerous consequences and happen at any time.

The 14-year-old told BBC Look North: “It’s really upsetting because you want to live a normal life like a normal teenager and you want the independence, but it can be dangerous. I have small ones (seizures), a couple of seconds after I’m kind of with it and I can hear people, but then if I have a long one stuff is kind of blurry after and I struggle to walk and do daily tasks for a bit.”

Milla joined The Banovallum School in Horncastle earlier this year and feeling safe means she can now focus on the positives, adding: “It’s best to laugh about it and see the bright side like if I have a seizure, get days off school, works for me, get a lie in, get to watch TV, binge watch programmes.”

The school’s headteacher Grant Edgar said: “As Milla is one of our first pupils with epilepsy we felt it was important to train all staff that would normally teach her, and the teaching assistants that would work with her. We want everybody to feel safe and secure in the school and first and foremost amongst that is Milla.”

Milla’s dad Andy added: “We really are pleased that Milla is getting all the support. Obviously there will be more children with epilepsy coming to the school that will also benefit.”