Emprocom was formed in 2006 and is based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. We provide a friendly and effective health and safety service to our clients.

Through our years of health and safety experience and across many different industries we have identified that many businesses do not have the practical health and safety advice, guidance or support that is needed. It is often too complicated and not user friendly to ensure that the good work, time and effort you put in is actually carried through and effective.

Using our experience from working with so many businesses, we ensure we make the process as smooth as possible and design everything specifically for you.

Rather than deliver a product and the service ending there, we continue to support you and work together to give you the guidance and help you need to make everything as effective as possible.

Our clients stay with us for many years appreciating the simple yet effective systems we put in place. We are continually working to evolve these systems to ensure they are practical, user friendly and remain fully up to date.

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