Greater Lincolnshire

There have been 1,429 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Greater Lincolnshire this week.

The latest UK coronavirus dashboard figures for Friday showed 153 cases in Lincolnshire, 44 in North Lincolnshire and 73 in North East Lincolnshire.

In total there have been 4,286 cases for the month of October.

This week has also seen 25 deaths of Greater Lincolnshire residents reported by government, with eight of those confirmed to be in the region’s hospitals.

NHS figures for Friday reported three further deaths in hospitals, with two taking place at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust facilities and one at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals Trust facilities.

The government’s own death tally, which includes those both in and out of hospitals and those of residents in hospitals outside the county, showed five new deaths, including four in Lincolnshire and one in North Lincolnshire.

Nationally, cases increased by 20,530 to 830,998, while deaths jumped by 224 to 44,571.

A chart of Lincolnshire’s cases up to October 23.

Lincolnshire is currently still on the medium (tier 1) level for the the new three-tier lockdown system of COVID-19 risk, which means it has no extra restrictions on top of the nation-wide ones.

In other news today, health bosses in Lincolnshire expect more areas of the UK to go into higher tiers in the coming weeks, including potentially “some areas of Lincolnshire”.

They believe the county should have some control over more complicated test and trace contacts, after the Prime Minister admitted the national system “needs to improve”.

As of Friday, there are 88 patients with coronavirus at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust and Northern Lincolnshire NHS Foundation Trust facilities.

Also, parents are being urged to make sure children follow the social distancing rules during half-term, to avoid outbreaks in schools upon their return.

Coronavirus data for Greater Lincolnshire for Friday, October 23

8,878 cases (up 270)

  • 5,755 in Lincolnshire (up 153)
  • 1,804 in North Lincolnshire (up 44)
  • 1,319 in North East Lincolnshire (up 73)

446 deaths (up five)

  • 299 from Lincolnshire (up four)
  • 94 from North Lincolnshire (up one)
  • 43 from North East Lincolnshire (no change)

of which 292 hospital deaths (up three)

  • 155 at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (up two)
  • 6 at Lincolnshire Community Health Service hospitals (no change)
  • 1 at Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (no change)
  • 130 in Northern Lincolnshire (NLAG) (up one)

830,998 UK cases, 44,571 deaths

DATA SOURCE — FIGURES CORRECT AT THE TIME OF the latest update. postcode data includes deaths not in healthcare facilities or in hospitals outside authority boundaries.

A further four schools and one nursery in Lincolnshire have positive cases of coronavirus on Friday.

Lincolnshire County Council said on October 23 that it is working with 88 schools with COVID-19 infections. It is also working with nine nurseries, with Sunflowers Nursery in Saxilby the latest on the list.

There are 14 schools in North East Lincolnshire with current active suspected or confirmed cases. There have been at least seven schools with cases in North Lincolnshire.

The latest additions to the county council’s list are Barnes Wallis Academy (Tattershall), Bourne Grammar School, Spalding Academy and Tedder County Primary School (Ashby de la Launde, Lincoln).

Hawthorn Tree School (Boston), Woodlands Academy (Spilsby), Springwell Alternative Academy (Grantham), St George’s Academy (Ruskington) and Little Learners Pre-School (Lincoln) are the schools currently closed, according to the council’s list.

When there is a positive result at a school it is considered an active case for 14 days. This period will start afresh if there is another positive case at the school. This is why some schools remain on the active case list longer than others.

Andy Fox, consultant in public health, said: “As of this Friday, Lincolnshire’s Health Protection Team is currently working with 88 schools that have had confirmed cases of coronavirus.

“All schools are taking action to limit the potential spread of the virus, with some pupils and staff self-isolating as a precaution where necessary.

“Like the rest of the country, Lincolnshire has seen case numbers rise in recent weeks, and an increasing number of schools affected.

“However, the majority of schools remain fully open, and those affected are working really well to limit both the risk of the virus spreading and the impact on the pupils’ education.”

Schools with current confirmed cases (new in bold at the top):

  • Barnes Wallis Academy, Tattershall
  • Bourne Grammar School
  • Spalding Academy
  • Tedder County Primary School, Ashby de la Launde, Lincoln
  • Lincoln College
  • Queen Elizabeth High School, Gainsborough
  • Hackthorn Primary School
  • Kesteven and Sleaford High School
  • Lincoln Castle Academy
  • Lincoln Carlton Academy
  • Bluecoat Meres Academy, Grantham
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girls School
  • Barrowby Primary School
  • Billingborough Primary School
  • The Priory Academy LSST
  • Priory Ruskin Academy, Grantham
  • Boston College
  • Hawthorn Tree School, Boston (closed)
  • Caistor Yarborough Academy
  • Haven High Academy, Boston
  • Malcolm Sargent Primary School, Stamford
  • St George’s Academy, Sleaford
  • St Peter and St Paul Academy, Lincoln
  • Kirkstone House School, Baston
  • Stamford Endowed Schools
  • Manor Leas Junior School, Lincoln
  • St Hugh’s Catholic Primary, Lincoln
  • Ermine Academy, Lincoln
  • St Giles Academy, Lincoln
  • Branston Community College Academy
  • Grantham College
  • Kelsey Primary School
  • Birchwood Junior School, Lincoln
  • Great Steeping Primary School, Spilsby
  • Walton Academy, Grantham
  • Woodlands Academy, Spilsby (closed)
  • Skegness Academy
  • Blyton Cum Laughton Primary School
  • Castle Wood Academy, Gainsborough
  • The King’s School, Grantham
  • Westgate Academy, Lincoln
  • William Farr School, Welton, Lincoln
  • Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn, Lincoln
  • Kisimul School Acacia Hall, Freisthorpe
  • Leslie Manser Primary, Lincoln
  • Lincoln St Christopher’s Special School
  • Long Sutton Primary School
  • Market Deeping Community Primary
  • Springwell Alternative Academy, Grantham (closed)
  • St Nicholas Primary, Boston
  • Community Learning in Partnership, Gainsborough
  • Grantham Preparatory International School
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle
  • St Michael’s Primary School, Thorpe on the Hill
  • University Academy Long Sutton
  • Denton Primary School, Grantham
  • Bridge House Independent School, Boston
  • Charles Read Academy, Grantham
  • De Aston School, Market Rasen
  • The Lancaster School, Lincoln
  • The St Sebastian Primary School, Grantham
  • Waddington All Saints Academy
  • Bourne Academy
  • Claypole Primary School
  • St George’s Academy, Ruskington (closed)
  • Swinderby All Saints Primary School
  • University Academy Holbeach
  • Carre’s Grammar School, Sleaford
  • Louth Academy
  • Boston Grammar School
  • Hartsholme Academy, Lincoln
  • Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School
  • Harlaxton Primary School, Grantham
  • Holbeach Primary Academy
  • Priory Pembroke Academy, Cherry Willingham
  • Little Learners Pre-School, Lincoln (closed)
  • The Deepings School
  • Spalding High School
  • Manor Farm Academy, North Hykeham
  • Scampton Primary School
  • Sutterton Fourfields Primary School, Boston
  • St Botolph’s Primary School, Sleaford
  • Fleet Wood Lane Primary School, Spalding
  • King Edward VI Academy, Spilsby
  • Kirkby on Bain Primary School
  • Spalding Parish School
  • The National Junior School, Grantham
  • William Alvey School, Sleaford

Public Health are also aware of the following nine nurseries with positive cases (new in bold at the top):

  • Sunflowers Nursery, Saxilby 
  • Town and Country Kiddies Nursery, Louth
  • Seashells Nursery, Mablethorpe
  • Angels Childcare, Lincoln
  • Little Learners Nursery, Skegness
  • Nutwood Day Nursery, Lincoln
  • Clarence House Day Nursery, Grantham
  • Little Acorns Day Nursery, Boston
  • Elsaforde Nursery, Sleaford

North East Lincolnshire

According to the latest available data, there are 14 with current active suspected or confirmed cases in North East Lincolnshire.

  • Tollbar Academy
  • Grimsby Institute
  • Ormiston Maritime Academy
  • Cleethorpes Academy
  • Franklin College
  • Healing Science Academy
  • Humberston Academy
  • William Barcroft Junior School
  • Humberston CE Primary School
  • Signhills Academy
  • Havelock Academy
  • Weelsby Academy

There are also two further unnamed schools with active suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases.

In addition, there have also been seven pre-school/alternative settings with cases since the start of September.

North Lincolnshire

There have been at least seven schools, as well as John Leggott College in Scunthorpe, with cases in North Lincolnshire since term restarted.

However, North Lincolnshire Council said it was unable to provide data regarding schools in the region with coronavirus cases.

Schools could get a “fire break” over the half-term holiday, but health bosses in Lincolnshire are warning families to be careful during Halloween and Bonfire celebrations.

Lincolnshire County Council said on October 22 that it is working with 84 schools with COVID-19 infections. It is also working with eight nurseries.

The assistant director of public health Tony McGinty said the time was an opportunity to “reset”, and called on families to take care during the time off to ensure their children could go back to school afterwards.

“If we can do that, it will I think give a little bit of a fire break for schools that have had cases.

“There is an opportunity for those numbers to be lower than they were when we left the school.”

However, he said he was not looking to be a “killjoy”, just to ensure that families and children took the proper precautions.

“We want people to enjoy their break but it’d be really helpful, as parents, to just keep their children and themselves safe whilst they’re doing that.

“Bonfire parties, Halloween parties, there’s a whole load of things coming up — the children are off, they’re going to be playing more, maybe being in each other’s houses a bit more.

“It would be a real shame if they weren’t able to maintain some of those safety measures and we end up with more ill children, who then can’t go to school.”

If you are thinking of going to a bonfire or trick or treating, Mr McGinty offered some bits of advice.

  • Incorporate a face covering into your outfit. This could be a thick scarf over your mouth, or a scare mask which will act similar to the day-to-day wear.
  • If the child can be encouraged not to touch their faces then consider gloves as part of the outfit to protect them as they come into contact with other people.
  • If not then bare hands are ok but try to use hand sanitiser between household visits or treats
  • Maintain the two metre social distancing if at a bonfire event outside

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