Councillors will be asked to approve plans for more than 300 homes in the Metheringham village near Lincoln.

JCO Developments’ proposals for land east of Sleaford Road and west of Dunston Road will go before North Kesteven District Council’s planning committee next Tuesday.

The development includes 329 homes as well as new access points from both roads, new internal streets and new sustainable drainage infrastructure.

A quarter of the new homes will be classed as affordable.

The plans were originally for 386 homes but a report before councillors said the developers responded to concerns about the impact on the highways and the character, design and density of the proposals.

More than 60 residents have written to the council in response to the plans, including 48 letters of objection and seven in support.

Those objecting to the plans said the number of new homes is more than what was proposed in the area’s local plan and will result in the loss of agricultural land.

They say there as been a lack of consultation with residents on the plans.

How the new homes would be laid out.

Lisa Bower said: “This village cannot support the added volume of housing for doctors, schooling, traffic etc.

“The fields support a vast amount of fauna and flora too and it is heartbreaking to think this beautiful area would disappear.

“The junction at Sleaford Road/Lincoln Road is already a nightmare and the Dunston Road proposal is outrageous.”

Concerns also include that the plans will change the character of the village are will “erode the countryside” as well as fears over the strain on local healthcare.

Officers however, said the principle of the development is “acceptable”.

“While the numbers proposed exceed the indicative capacity, the approach taken to the development of the site through the revised proposals is considered to deliver a form of development which responds positively to the national guidance,” said officers, recommending approval.

A delivery driver who caused a head-on collision which killed a Woodhall Spa couple has been jailed for two years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Michael Boothman entered a right hand bend too fast on the B1188 at Metheringham, and went onto the opposite carriageway where he collided head on with an oncoming Lexus.

The Lexus driver Brian Dickinson, an 82 year old farmer, and his wife Ruth, 77, a retired nurse both lost their lives as a result of the collision.

Boothman, 38, of Kirkstall, Leeds, admitted two charges of causing death by careless driving as a result of the incident on January 11 this year.

He was banned from driving for three years and ordered to pass a re-test before he can have his licence back.

Clive Stockwell, prosecuting, told the court that in the minutes leading up to the fatal crash Boothman appeared not to be fully concentrating on his driving.

He said Boothman ate a snack of a sandwich and crisps while continuing to drive and appeared to not be fully concentrating as he was driving with one hand on the steering wheel.

Boothman and his passenger Robert Fagg, were both seriously injured. Neither was wearing a seat belt at the time.

Boothman, 38, of Kirkstall, Leeds, admitted two charges of causing death by careless driving as a result of the incident on the morning of January 11 this year.

Mr Stockwell, prosecuting, said that Boothman was exceeding the 50 mph limit for the road shortly before the bend but then dropped his speed to 40 mph and began to brake heavily.

He told the court that the weather at the time was dull and the road surface was wet as a result of rain.

“He took the bend too fast in respect of the road conditions that prevailed at the time.

“His vehicle veered to the left and in an effort to correct it he over-compensated with the result that his lorry crossed the centre line and headed towards oncoming traffic.

“This was an accident waiting to happen. The Dickinsons were travelling in the opposite direction.

“Mr and Mrs Dickinson did not stand a chance. They did not have any opportunity to take evasive action.”

Mrs Dickinson was pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband was airlifted to hospital in Nottingham where he passed away three days later.

Lynn Richardson, one of the couple’s two daughters, said:

“I don’t think a day has passed when I haven’t shed a tear. It should never have happened and my life will never be the same again.”

James Leonard, for Boothman, said his client suffered significant injuries himself and has since had to have a total hip replacement.

He said Boothman has since shown genuine remorse and an immediate jail sentence would have a serious impact on his family.

Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told Boothman: “You simply took the bend too fast and your vehicle went into the oncoming carriageway. Mr Dickinson was driving perfectly properly and had no chance to avoid a collision.

“There are a number of aggravating factors in this case. The first is the fact that there were two deaths caused by your careless driving.

“Secondly there are the serious injuries caused to Mr Fagg and then there is the fact that you were smoking at the time.

“In these circumstances that was unlawful. It was illegal but also it was in breach of your company’s policy. Their policy was that drivers should not smoke while driving so as to avoid distraction.”

Four Lincolnshire GP surgeries will close down at the start of next year.

The Burton Road and Arboretum GP surgeries in Lincoln, Metheringham Surgery, and Pottergate Surgery in Gainsborough will all close on January 7, 2017.

New providers were not found in time to take over the management of the practices after Universal Health Ltd asked the NHS to end its contract on August 1 due to financial difficulties.

Lincolnshire West CCG has said that patients who need to move will all have an alternative option within 0.2 miles of their current surgery.

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