Woodhall Spa

A hair and beauty salon in Woodhall Spa has joined a national recycling programme and is going the extra mile to protect the planet, even going as far as recycling hair.

Expressions Hair and Beauty has become one of the first salons in the area to join the Green Salon Collective recycling programme, founded by environmental experts trying to ensure sustainability in the industry.

Around 300 salons have signed up to the Green Salon Collective, including Expressions, and are doing their bit to contribute towards more recycling to keep products away from landfill.

Expressions is playing its part in the recycling effort.

Since launching in July 2020, the GSC has recovered more than 400kg of hair to be used cleaning waterways, recycled more than 2.3 tonnes of used foil and recovered more than 230 litres of leftover colour and bleach.

All profits raised from commodity sale of these recycling processes have gone to towards supporting local charities, including Haircuts4Homeless.

Julie Charles, joint owner of Expressions, said: “Via their recycling, education and accreditation offerings the GSC has enabled us to become a more sustainable and ethical business.

“We’re very proud to have joined the program and we feel that we can make a difference.

“GSC provide salons with service to recycle the traditionally impossible to recycle items such as hair, hair foils, chemicals and colour tubes which is something we’ve been looking at for some time.”

Drivers who were given speeding convictions on a stretch of Lincolnshire road have had their penalties reversed or withdrawn due to an error with expired temporary road signs.

The B1191 underwent roadworks between Kirkstead Bridge and Martin South Drove because the road was suffering from subsidence.

Lincolnshire County Council introduced a 40 mph temporary speed limit from November 21, 2018, and put up signs on both ends of the road.

The traffic order expired on February 28, 2019, but the 40mph road signs were not taken down, and police continued to prosecute drivers based on that expired speed limit.

However, for eastbound traffic, national speed limit signs (60mph) were also kept in place, and there were no repeated 40mph signs – so the limit was unclear.

The error was not realised until June 2020, and an emergency traffic order was put in place on July 1, expiring on August 31.

This means that anyone who was convicted of speeding on the B1191 at Kirkstead Bridge and Martin South Drove between February 28, 2019 and July 1, 2020 should have their penalty reversed, according to a road traffic lawyer.

A Freedom of Information Request lodged by The Lincolnite revealed that a total of eight fixed penalty notices were issued in this time frame, as well as 26 summons, though police say all of those penalties have been reopened, and withdrawn or reversed.

Michael Pace, partner of Chattertons Legal Services in Lincoln, who have represented clients implicated by the error, said he is dealing with drivers who were wrongly prosecuted on the stretch of road.

He believes the mistake came from a lack of communication between highways and the police.

Mr Pace, however, has said that despite police confirming the fines and summons were reversed, he is still being told by clients that they have not been informed of their conviction being withdrawn.

He told The Lincolnite: “I am disappointed that the police have not already dealt with setting aside the convictions of all those people who have had their licence endorsed with points and been fined.

“This is likely to be adding to the cost of renewing insurance policies and may even have had an impact upon their employment.

“I have 7 clients who are still looking to clear their names.”

Over £2,500 was raised by a group of firefighters from Woodhall Spa Fire Station who ran over seven miles in their full heavy kit and breathing masks to raise money for charity.

Jake Watson, 22, and his colleagues set off from the fire station at around 10am on Saturday, May 1. They ran to their neighbouring station in Horncastle in kit including thick fire protective clothing, heavy fire boots, helmet and gloves.

The challenge took about 2 hours, including water and break stops, and over £200 was donated into the collection bucket by people cheering them on along the route.

The firefighters finished the challenge as a group together. | Photo: John Aron

The firefighters were cheered as they ran over seven miles for charity. | Photo: John Aron

During the middle portion of run the firefighters had to take their helmets and gloves off for a while to allow their temperatures to regulate safely.

The firefighters were supported by Woodhall Spa’s fire appliance and ambulance. They were met by the crew at Horncastle at the the finish line, who provided well-deserved refreshments.

The firefighters were supported by Woodhall Spa’s fire appliance and ambulance.

All proceeds will be donated to The Fire Fighters charity.

The fundraising page raised over £2,100 and the offline totals are still being added up before all the proceeds will be donated to The Fire Fighters charity.

The Fire Fighters Charity offers specialist, lifelong support for members of the UK fire services community. The charity’s income has fallen significantly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Commercial pilot Jake Watson also works as a firefighter at the on-call retained fire station in Woodhall Spa. | Photo: John Aron

A tough, but fun challenge for charity.

Raising money for charity with a smile. | Photo: John Aron

Crossing the finishing line. | Photo: John Aron

Among those who took on the challenge were colleagues Jake Watson and Martin Willerton, who both joined Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue at the same time in October last year.

Jake told The Lincolnite: “It was at times harder than I expected. The team were great and there was a lot of motivation that helped me and the others pull through, and we all finished as a group.

“It was a big boost for me to see the public give their support and the total in the bucket shows how much they are supporting us and the cheering was nice to see.”

Firefighters and managers took part in the challenge to raise money for charity. | Photo: John Aron

Firefighter Jake Watson after completing the gruelling seven mile challenge. | Photo: John Aron

Woodhall Spa is an on-call retained fire station so all its firefighters have other full-time jobs, including commercial pilot Jake. They offer up any time they can to provide emergency cover.

Five firefighters from Lincoln North Fire Station also took part in a fundraiser over the bank holiday weekend, climbing the building 100 times each up and down over four hours.

They have raised over £600 – donate to their fundraiser here.

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