A bomb from the Second World War that was detonated on a housing development near the Lincolnshire border has created a near 20ft crater.

The device, which weighed 227kg, was found on a new-build housing estate in Goole, East Yorkshire on Thursday, July 22.

It prompted eight houses to be evacuated and the M62 to close between junctions 35 and 37.

The device is believed to have been dropped by a Lancaster bomber during a crash landing, and it was successfully detonated at 4.22pm on Saturday, July 24.

It left a crater that was around 20ft deep, and it’s safe to say that development works on the Beal Homes build was temporarily delayed.

The Royal Air Force’s brand new submarine-hunter aircraft took to the skies for a formation flight with the Red Arrows on Wednesday.

The Poseidon MRA1 carried out the flypast over its base of RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, and was joined for a tandem flight by Lincolnshire’s famous Red Arrows.

The near 40m aircraft flew alongside the Red Arrows for the first time ever above its new home, where there are currently five Poseidon MRA1s being held and another four due to arrive by the end of the year.

The Reds took to the skies of Scotland in anticipation for the annual RAF Friends and Family Day event, which allows people to give thanks to the station staff and families for their support of the force.

The event, which takes place on Wednesday, July 21, will be run as a drive-in air display for 2021 in order to make sure it is fully compliant with Scotland’s COVID-19 regulations for large events.

See the Red Arrows’ full 2021 summer schedule

It is the first time the Reds have put on any form of display at Lossiemouth since 2019, and station commander Chris Layden said he was delighted to welcome them.

“RAF Lossiemouth is delighted to welcome back the Red Arrows who haven’t had opportunity to display here since 2019”, Chris said.

“Since then our runway has been resurfaced, we have grown a fourth operational Typhoon squadron, continued to deliver 24/7 quick reaction alert – securing the UK’s skies – and we now are home to the UK’s fleet of Poseidon MRA1 submarine-hunting aircraft.”

The Red Arrows will fly over Wembley Stadium in London to cheer on the England players and crowds just before the Euro 2020 final with Italy, and Lincolnshire will get to see them on their way back home too.

The Reds will begin their flypast tour from Bournemouth Aerodrome just before 7.30pm, after they cancelled their Goodwood Festival of Speed display on Saturday due to weather conditions.

They will then return to their home in Lincolnshire at RAF Scampton at around 8.10pm, so people in Lincoln and along the flight path can enjoy it too.

Here is the scheduled flight route for the Red Arrows on July 11:

  1. Bournemouth Aerodrome – 7.27pm
  2. North of Verwood – 7.29pm
  3. West of Tisbury – 7.31pm
  4. East of Devizes – 7.34pm
  5. North of Andover – 7.37pm
  6. West of Newbury – 7.39pm
  7. West of Reading – 7.41pm
  8. West of Henley-on-Thames – 7.42pm
  9. North of Maidenhead – 7.44pm
  10. North of Slough – 7.46pm
  11. Wembley Flypast – 7.48pm
  12. East of Willesden – 7.49pm
  13. North East of Hertford – 7.52pm
  14. West of Huntingdon – 7.57pm
  15. North West of Stamford – 8.01pm
  16. South East of Melton Mowbray – 8.03pm
  17. West of North Hykeham – 8.08pm
  18. RAF Scampton AD – 8.10pm

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