The Great British summer continues to serve up surprises with the weather, and more thunderstorms are now expected in Lincolnshire over the weekend.

While the weather is forecast to consistently remain around 20°C throughout the week, rain is expected to arrive in Lincolnshire on Thursday before thundery showers on Friday.

The storms could cause localised surface water impacts, with a small chance of flooding homes and businesses, according to the Met Office.

The seven day forecast for Lincoln, including thunderstorm warnings on Friday. | Photo: Met Office

The worst of the thunder and rain is expected throughout Friday afternoon and into the evening, staying dry overnight into Saturday.

The yellow warning for thunderstorms are only in place for Friday and cover large parts of the Midlands and northern England, as well as Northern Ireland, though the rain may not go away as the weekend goes on.

Thunderstorm warnings span across large parts of the UK. | Photo: Met Office

Fairly consistent showers are forecast for Saturday, with the rain easing slightly as we head into next week.

The sizzling heatwave has been enjoyed across Lincolnshire, and sun-kissed locals and visitors took to Skegness beach.

Temperatures hit 30°C in parts of Lincolnshire over the weekend, and the Lincolnshire coast seemed to be the place to enjoy it most.

The famous donkeys were on the beach, offering rides for young children, while all the attractions and rides were open at Fantasy Island.

The donkeys are always a welcome addition to the beach. | Photo: John Aron

Freedom Day (Monday, July 19), when COVID-19 restrictions will be settled to the point of no social distancing or mandatory face covering, is in full flow and we expect to see more people heading to the seaside as the heatwave continues.

Skegness Clock Tower looks great in the beaming sunshine. | Photo: John Aron

With the weather remaining hot throughout this week, the first week without coronavirus restrictions in 16 months, more and more people are expected to venture out and bask in the sunshine.

People could be seen enjoying the attractions over the course of a sunny weekend. | Photo: John Aron

There were some pretty incredible sights on the beach, including one couple riding the waves of the sea on a jet ski, taking the term Skegvegas to a whole new level.

A great view of one couple riding a jet ski on the waves. | Photo: John Aron

Plenty of shelter was needed from the sun. | Photo: John Aron

It was a busy weekend on the Lincolnshire coast. | Photo: John Aron

Taking in the sights, sights that maybe some haven’t seen for over a year. | Photo: John Aron

As Freedom Day edges ever closer, Lincoln is preparing to enjoy the occasion in style, with a heatwave lasting a week long being forecast in the city.

According to the Met Office, the heat will arrive on Friday in Lincoln, with highs of 26° being forecast, and it will only get hotter as the weekend goes on.

Saturday will rise to 27° before a scorching 29° forecast for Sunday, an ideal opportunity to host a barbecue or head to the beach.

Summer is providing the heat in Lincoln. | Photo: Met Office

It comes as the government has announced all safety measures against COVID-19, including social distancing and the wearing of face covering indoors, will come to an end from Monday, July 19.

Freedom Day itself will also be red hot, with expectations of 25° before gradually fading to 24° on Tuesday and 23° on Wednesday.

The warm weather does, however, come with warnings of very high UV and pollen levels over the weekend and very humid evenings being predicted.

Elsewhere in the county, Skegness is expected to reach up to 25° over the weekend and Stamford is approaching 30°, so the heatwave isn’t just limited to Lincoln.

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