Video: Motor group sets the bar in amazing Lincoln mannequin challenge

Staff at Dack Motor Group in Lincoln have set the bar for the viral mannequin challenge with their Christmas-themed video.

Staff at the site on Dixon Close have dressed as a number of Christmas characters, including a pudding, tree and a questionable Mrs Claus, as part of their mannequin challenge.

The mannequin challenge, which is believed to have originated in Florida, is a new viral trend, where people remain frozen in action (like mannequins) whilst a video is recorded.


Leo Dack, Managing Director at Dack Motor Group said: “We’ve had a really busy year especially with our expansion to a second site in Coventry, I’d seen the mannequin challenge videos online and thought it was a great opportunity for the team to let their hair down and have some fun.

“The video itself seemed quite easy but it took a few takes to get it all done in one go without anyone blinking, a car going past or a customer coming through the door!

“We really enjoyed doing it, the only problem now is trying to get Dave out of his Mrs Claus dress.”