May 19, 2010 9.49 am This story is over 166 months old

Assaulted man got facial fracture

Facial fractures: Local man was assaulted on West Parade by a fellow driver with a hard object.

A 27-year-old local man was assaulted at around 11pm on Monday, May 17th, on West Parade. He was driving along Tritton Road and around the Lincolnshire Echo building, when another vehicle, believed to be a 02 plate dark green Vauxhall Corsa, overtook him.

When both vehicles stopped at the lights at Lucy Tower Street (mapped above), the driver of the Corsa opened his door and shouted something at the victim, which drove around him and went on to West Parade, where it parked up. The Corsa, which had followed him, also parked up.

The victim approached the vehicle to speak to the Corsa driver, who swung his right arm out of the window and stuck him on the right cheek with a hard object. He suffered a facial fracture below his right eye and was taken to the Lincoln County Hospital for treatment.

Police are looking for witnesses to the assault, particularly two residents of West Parade, who asked the victim if he was alright. Anyone who saw the vehicles prior to the assault, or who witnessed the incident, is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300, quoting incident number 551 of 17 May 2010.

Source: Lincolnshire Police | Photo: Google Street View