August 4, 2010 2.48 pm This story is over 159 months old

Small shops in limbo as new Tesco Express opens on Newark Road

New Tesco: With the opening of the new Tesco Express on Newark Road, should local convenience stores worry?

Local convenience shops surrounding the newly-opened Tesco Express on Newark Road are in limbo over the effect the new store would have on their trade. The new Bracebridge store (pictured) opened its doors on August 3, making it the fifth Tesco in Lincoln.

The three nearby convenience shops, two Premier mini markets and a Spar, were reluctant to speak about how the opening of the new Tesco Express just yards away from their doorstep would affect trade.

Given Tesco’s popular branding, wide product range, price offers, and ClubCard scheme, the shiny new Newark Road store could attract many of the regulars who had no other choice than using their local Premier and Spar convenience stores.

Mark Pelvey, the new Tesco Express’ manager, feels the local shops shouldn’t worry. “People have been going to these stores for a long time, so they will stay loyal to them as they can. The only thing in our favour is the range and prices. As long as their prices are competitive there shouldn’t be a problem,” he said.

There are reasons for the three convenience stores to remain hopeful that they will not be forced to close due to lack of business. “I’m going to still use the corner shops, as they are nearer to me, which makes shopping easier when I have all three kids. Plus the Expresses are expensive!” said Kelly Wythe (21), mother of three, who lives very close to all four stores.

Tesco’s brand however, attracted shoppers in the upper High Street area when it opened in late January a new Tesco Express on the site of former Internacionale clothing store. Before the new Express, a Sommerfield, Iceland, Superdrug, and a newsagent were already situated in close vicinity.

“I have a tendency to visit all of them because I like to shop around, however if I had to pick one it would be Tesco. They seem to have better deals on things, and often. The self service tills also make it faster and easier to shop,” said Danny Lilley (24), who lives in the area, and works for the local authorities.

Another case is the biggest Tesco store in Lincoln, on Wragby Road. It’s long-term neighbour is a little newsagents. Despite the huge competition from the Tesco store, the newsagents has long survived, due to one thing the Tesco brand doesn’t — newspaper delivery every day. They also stock a higher range of magazines, as well as handling magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and ordering is on request.