September 6, 2010 9.43 am This story is over 162 months old

Lincolnite runs for charity support

Life-changing: Lincolnite James Jacobs is turning his life around by raising money for St James Ambulance in the city.

Lincolnite James Jacobs (23) will be taking place in the Great North Run on September 19 to raise funds for St John Ambulance in the city.

Jacobs’ run is not only raising funds for charity, but also represents a milestone in his bid to turn his life around this year.

“It might sound a bit corny but on New Year’s Eve I made the decision that my life was going to be different,” Jacobs from Cambrai Close said.

“I started looking into studying to be a nurse and for the first time I feel like I’ve found something that will inspire me to get out of bed in the morning.

“My New Year’s resolution also included giving up smoking and I haven’t looked back, but I needed something to keep me focused on my goals: running.”

Jacobs wanted to join a training course with St John Ambulance, but there weren’t any places available, so he decided to volunteer instead with the charity.

He is also raising money for St John Ambulance by taking part in the Great North Run to achieve his target sum of £450. He raised £350 already.

Over 54,000 runners will be taking part in this year’s Great North Run, which takes place between Newcastle and South Shields.

“I have never run anything like this before and prior to April this year I’d never even taken part in an organised run,” Jacobs said.

John Purvis from St John Ambulance said he is proud of Jacobs choice to run for the charity, among another 150 volunteers on September 19.

“I wish James the best of luck on the day, and hope his story will inspire others.”

Source: St John Ambulance