September 10, 2010 3.03 pm This story is over 164 months old

Police need “special” help from Lincolnites

Special person: Lincolnshire Police are looking for volunteers to become Special Constables in their community.

Lincolnshire Police are asking Lincolnites to dedicate a small amount of time helping their local community as a Special Constable.

Police are looking for people to give up their time voluntarily just four hours a week, to contribute toward making their community a safer place to live.

There have been Special Constables in Lincolnshire for hundreds of years, and there are currently 165 working across the county. However, the force says it needs more.

A Special Constable has the similar powers to a Police Officer: from patrolling, conducting inquiries, assisting at scenes of accidents, safeguarding the public at local and major events, and taking part in crime prevention initiatives.

For those interested in becoming a member of the force, Lincolnshire Police will be holding an Open Day on September 23 at Lincoln West Parade Station at 7pm.

Lincoln Police will ensure that each person is fully trained, and supervised.

Those who can’t make the Open Day but are still interested in taking part should email [email protected].

Source: Lincolnshire Police | Photo: Emma