October 21, 2010 5.04 pm This story is over 140 months old

County Council to scrap 35 senior posts

First round: The County Council slashed the first jobs for senior managers, with 35 of them being sacked.

The Lincolnshire County Council wants to cut 35 of its senior posts in a bid to make savings worth £3.5million following Wednesday’s Spending Review.

This is just the beginning of job cuts at the County Council, whose leader, Martin Hill, said this morning that around 1,000 jobs will be lost in total.

With 59 senior posts left, the County Council claims the new structure would help move more money into priority and front line services.

Tony McArdle, Chief Executive at the Lincolnshire County Council, says this new structure is a direct consequence of the Chancellor’s Spending Review.

“I do not believe the way forward is to ask everyone to take across the board pay cuts in order to save jobs,” McArdle explained.

“I believe we will get better results by having the best people – even if fewer – properly engaged, who are able to take this organisation forward in the new climate.

“We have been well served by our existing management and I am therefore confident that we will, for the most part, be able to fill this new establishment from within the existing complement of management staff.”

Around 490,000 public sector jobs are expected to be cut country-wide.

In Lincoln 33% of the employed people work in the public sector, around 17,900 people according to Office For National Statistics (ONS) figures.

Local councils are facing cuts of around 7% for four years in their budgets, which means they will have to scale down on services, and lay people off.

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