October 22, 2010 12.23 pm This story is over 159 months old

Lincolnshire Police to cut 170 jobs

Tough cuts: Lincolnshire Police are having to endure hard cuts, laid out by central government this week.

Lincolnshire Police are looking at a “considerable challenge ahead” in light of Wednesday’s spending cuts, which may lead up to 170 job loses in various sectors.

In an interview with BBC Lincolnshire on October 22, Chief Constable Richard Crompton said that the cuts had been anticipated for a long time.

He also explained that although the cuts could have been worse on the force, there were tough times ahead.

Crompton said that over the next four years, Lincolnshire Police would lose £20 million in funding, despite currently being funded £122 million.

In order to deal with such cuts, the force will lose 70 uniformed police officers over the next 18 months, as well as between 80 to 100 support staff.

Lincolnshire Police currently employs 1,225 Police Officers and 149 Police Community Support Officers across the county.

“There’s no sugaring the pill, there will be less people employed by Lincolnshire Police. That’s police officers and business support staff,” he said.

“My own team will be reducing from six members to five.”

The bright side

However, Crompton did add that the job loses were not black and white, and were subject to any changes continued to be made by central government.

Chief Constable Richard Crompton

Lincolnshire Police are also looking at other ways to avoid loosing their workforce, such as reviewing the way the three districts in Lincolnshire work.

They are also currently in talks with the four other police forces in the East Midlands regarding collaborations between them over the next year.

“What we heard from the Chancellor is more or less what we had anticipated. Things could have been slightly worse for us but this is tough enough we have a considerable challenge ahead of us.”

Crompton added that despite potential police officers loses, people should not be concerned for their safety.

“We have ambitious plans to double the amount of Special Constables. We are also having an increase in volunteers coming forward.”

“Wherever we can, we will keep the posts that deliver that front-line service to the people of Lincolnshire,” he added.

Listen to the whole interview, courtesy of BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Photos: Lincolnshire Police