October 6, 2010 4.51 pm This story is over 138 months old

Revamp for ‘lacking’ castle in limbo

Undecided: Lincoln Castle could receive a £20m revamp if the Crown Court moves out.

A report by Lincolnshire County Council’s Scrutiny Committee has revealed that Lincoln Castle is failing to fulfil its potential as a tourist destination.

Both Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral have been under-performing, the report says, despite tourism in Lincolnshire is currently worth £117million.

Historic Lincoln Partnership (HLP) has put forward plans for a £20m project to improve the Castle and bring more tourism to the Cathedral Quarter.

Although at this time it is still uncertain whether the Crown Court is willing to move out of its premises, which have been deemed unfit for purpose in a recent report.

There are plans to relocate the Crown Court in a new building somewhere else in Lincoln, which would be built by the County Council and leased to the court.

If and when the Crown Court moves out of the Castle premises, the HLP will look to make the Castle more accessible and tidy, and repair castle walls.

A walkway around the castle would finally be added, a lift placed on the eastern wall, and the old staircase and rusted railings replaced.

Should the Crown Court move off the castle premises, the building will be used as a shop, cafe, and orientation and education centre.

Plans are also in place to transform two rooms in the Crown Court building into exhibition centres for the original copy of Magna Carta in Lincoln.

HLP would foot most of the bill for the changes (around £10million), and the rest of the cost would come from the County Council and other bodies.

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