November 10, 2010 12.02 pm This story is over 158 months old

City hospital is officially MRSA free

Virus free: Lincoln County Hospital has erased it’s cases of the MRSA virus this year.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust claims that Lincoln County Hospital has had no cases of MRSA in the April to September period of 2010.

Trust data shows that the hospital has halved its cases of the virus, having had six cases or MRSA (pictured) in the 2009/10 crossover period.

The hospital’s measures to reduce Clostridium Difficile cases also proved effective, with 30 cases this year in comparison to 63 in 2009/10.

Various methods of virus testing have contributed to the reduction, such as deep cleans, hand hygiene, and staff’s input into infection prevention and control.

The total cases of MRSA across the county’s hospitals was just three, and 58 cases of clostridium difficile.

In 2009/20, there were 159 cases of the Clostridium Difficile and 23 MSRA cases in the county.

Chief Nurse at ULHT Sylvia Knight said she is delighted at the progress that has been made, but there is still room for improvement.

“The reductions we have seen are extremely encouraging and I am proud of all of our dedicated staff, patients and visitors who have helped to ensure that we keep our rates of infections low.

“However, we would like to reduce our rates of infection even further, so that we have no avoidable infections at all in any of our hospitals.

“We will continue to work hard to achieve these goals.”

Source: ULHT | Photo: Janice Carr