Could McCartney be the next PM?

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Conservative Lincoln MP Karl McCartney was hot tipped as a possible future Prime Minister by Paul Staines, one of the most prolific political bloggers in the UK.

Staines, who blogs under the pseudonym Guido Fawkes, said in a recent interview that “Karl McCartney would make a good PM in the future.”

When asked who he regards as the best Conservative Party leader, and if different, the best Prime Minister, Staines replied:

“I’ll go for an up-and-coming newbie MP, Karl McCartney would make a good PM in the future, I’d give him the Chancellorship tomorrow.”

Staines’ blog has become the country’s most visited and controversial political site in the UK since it was set up in 2004.

One of the most infamous episodes in his career was the Smeargate affair in 2009, when Staines exposed a series of scurrillous e-mails by Damian McBride.

This led to the resignation of McBride and expressions of regret to the MPs concerned from the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

“You never say never,” replied a chuffed Karl McCartney to Paul Staines’ remarks.

“I’m very happy at this point in time concentrating on being a good constituency MP for Lincoln,” he said, noting this occupies most of his time.

McCartney has been recently working to solve one of Lincoln’s most dreaded problems, the level crossing barriers, and the train links to and from the city.

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