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Fireworks weekend: DIY or fire-lit sky?

Traditions: There is a certain charm behind the home-made displays that spark up in small pockets all over the city.

The sky was alight with fireworks across Lincoln last night. The Showground hosted its annual display with a bonfire, fun fair, side shows and stalls, and an extravagant pyrotechnic display to round off the evening.

The dark autumnal sky was flooded with light as thousands of pounds worth of fireworks popped, crackled and zoomed through the air. Despite shows becoming bigger and better year on year, is the idea behind Bonfire Night forgotten?

There is a certain charm behind the home-made displays that spark up in small pockets all over the city. The under-funded arsenals of rockets that wheeze hopelessly upwards, desperate for altitude, then coming to their demise with a disappointing simmer still offer a lot of satisfaction because you lit it yourself.

Andrew Deptford, from Lincoln, attended a firework display in Waddington arranged by the RAF to say thank you to the village for accommodating them this week. He does still see the attraction of creating your own display.

“It was a really impressive night but there is nothing like getting hands-on and letting off some of your own fireworks. I am looking forward to getting together with family and gathering around the back garden.

“A real show will be cheaper and bigger and better than you could do it yourself, but deep down that atmosphere of getting a group of people together is great,” he said.

Lincolnite Sim Bellandini, attended the Showground event with his wife and had an enjoyable evening: “There was a great atmosphere with lots of families enjoying themselves and everyone having a good time.

“It was nice to see the people getting together as we bumped into friends and people from work making it a good night,” Bellandini said.

If you haven’t managed to get anything arranged for this weekend yet, there is a display at Sincil Bank on Sunday 7th November.

Let us know what you get up to this weekend and send us your pictures at [email protected] to add to the article.

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Photo: Chris Thompson