November 8, 2010 10.45 am This story is over 156 months old

New marina aims to boost local economy

Improved waters: A new marina near Lincoln could see more jobs and improved facilities for boaters.

A new marina just outside Lincoln aims to improve the county’s waterways and create a multitude of jobs if the planning application is successful.

The plans for the Cherry Willingham marina come after research showed a big lack of facilities and accommodation for waterways in the county.

The new marina would not only improve rivers in Lincolnshire, but also bring a host of facilities, such as self-catering lodges, a hotel, chandlery and a restaurant.

There will be around 220 berthing spots (pictured) for boaters passing by too.

Through the building of such facilities, more than 50 jobs would be created if the planning application stage is successful.

The project is undertaken by consultants and economic developers Globe from Lincoln, who have background in business development support.

Globe director Phil Crafton said: “The proposal […] follows research undertaken by the Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership, which shows the chronic lack of facilities and accommodation for the County’s waterways.

“Investment in improving the navigable routes and a connection to the fenland waterways in Cambridgeshire provides an opportunity to massively increase the boaters using the Lincolnshire waterways.

“However, there is a need for more facilities including marinas and the area east of Lincoln is an identified location.

“Taking all of this on board the site now being progressed came forward as an ideal opportunity.

“Jobs, in excess of 50 predicted and we would expect to be submitting a planning application within two months or so.”

View the full plan of the proposed marina here [PDF].

Photo: Globe | Related Report: Lincolnshire Echo