November 30, 2010 2.34 pm This story is over 158 months old

Police hand out personal alarms for Christmas

Attack alarms: Police are helping discourage attacks by giving out free personal alarms to people.

Police will be handing out free crime prevention devices in Lincoln over the Christmas period.

Lincolnshire Police anticipate that the Christmas Shopping and party period is when crime increases in the city centre.

To lower the chances of crime, police have purse bells, personal attack alarms and handbag alarms available.

PC Mark Wrigley said: “In line with Operation Fusion, our fight against theft, we are giving these alarms away in the hope that we can raise awareness around purse dipping and handbag theft and reduce the impact of the annual rise in offences that we generally see at this time of year.

“And in support of Operation Nova, our bid to reduce violence and abuse, we are also handing out personal attack alarms to women and men who may be out in the city late at night over Christmas.”

Anyone wanting a bell or alarm should contact Lincoln City Centre NPT on 01522 885382 or email them.

Source: Lincolnshire Police | Photo: Attack Alarms