January 21, 2011 10.29 am This story is over 154 months old

City hospital adds gender-specific surgery

Gender-fit: Lincoln County Hospital started offering gender-specific knee replacements for the first time.

A surgeon at Lincoln County Hospital has recently begun offering gender-specific knee replacements for the first time.

These use different kinds of knee replacement implants for males and females, which are better suited to the individual needs than the previous one-size-fits-all designs.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor Mohammad Maqsood (pictured), said that female patients are benefiting from the development.

“As time has gone on, we have learnt that the different genders have slightly different shapes and sizes of knee and some slightly different angles inside the knee.

“But previously the same implants were used for knee replacement surgery in both sexes,” he said.

“This has meant that women who have knee replacements often have more problems with them than the men- as the implants were originally designed around men’s knees.”

The new knee implants have a contoured shape proportioned to fit women’s anatomies, which prevents the implant from overhanging the bone and potentially pressing on or damaging surrounding ligaments and tendons.

They also have a thinner profile so the knee replacement feels natural, not bulky, as well as more natural tracking for the knee cap, allowing the implant to move more like the natural knee.

“The ladies I have treated have been happy with them and have not had any pain behind their knee caps, which was a common problem previously,” said Maqsood.

Julie Holt (58) from Caistor had a knee replacement using the new gender-specific implant a year ago and said the results have been “marvellous”.

“I had lots of problems with my right knee for about 20 years since I was in a road accident, and hadn’t found anyone who could put it right.

“The surgery to give me a knee replacement went really smoothly and the team are all marvellous. I recovered quite quickly and my leg is so different now, I’m going great guns.

“The surgery has meant that I can kneel again, and go hiking again, and I’ve had no problems with it at all. I’m so grateful to the hospital for what they’ve done.”

Source: ULHT