January 31, 2011 3.02 pm This story is over 158 months old

A ‘real deal’ at the Showground

Big deal: Lincolnites turned up at the Showground with their antiques for a chance to be on Dickinson’s Real Deal.

Television show Dickinson’s Real Deal filmed its 80th and final show of the sixth series at Lincolnshire Show Ground this weekend.

Hundreds of Lincolnites brought their antiques and family heirlooms to be valued in the hope of making a “tidy packet” of money.

The show’s host told the Lincolnite how impressed he was with the turn out at the Epic Centre, with people lining up to present their items to antiques experts.

Dickinson said: “It is fantastic to see so many people make the effort to turnout. There has been a steady flow since we started filming.”

He was also delighted with the range of interesting items people had presented.

“We have been seeing some nice silver items as well as a nice Victorian scent box and I believe an extraordinary pair of coach lamps have just turned up.

“It keeps the Real Deal entertaining as you can never predict what will show up.”

After six series, Dickinson insists he is still enjoying hosting the programme and is amidst deals to confirm the filming of another 80 shows for a seventh series.

Valuable vases

Two Lincolnites, Derek Turner (72) and Julia Turner (55, pictured right) had two 1930s Charlotte Reid pottery pieces, valued at over £200 for the pair.

The items had been passed down from Mr Turner’s mother having been bought on an annual holiday to Newquay in the 1940s.

Mr Turner said: “I’m not sentimental about objects as I’ve still got my memories, so we decided to sell the items and enjoy a nice day out.”

Celebrity antiques experts Cheryl Brown (pictured left) and Nigel Hogdon disputed the origins and value of the item, but Brown pointed out they had been signed, adding value.

Brown said: “The Signature is brilliant but sadly the value of ceramics is currently at a low. The vase could have been worth around £250 but it also has some water damage.”

The expert also gave some advice on anyone owning a valuble vase.

“If you have a nice vase like this and you wan to put flowers in it, just put a smaller vase inside to protect it.”

The programme will be on ITV in June this year.