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Student ready to self-publish second novel

Self sufficient: A university student has released to books with his own publishing house.

A student at the University of Lincoln is getting ready to publish his second novel under his own publishing company.

Ben Atkinson’s second book, Walking on Cinders, follows three soldiers just at the end of a war and their aim to bring peace to Europe.

The Media Production student’s first novel, The Kraken’s Curse was published in 2008, when he was 16, and sold around 300 copies.

He published it under his own publishing house, King Edward VII Press, as other agents turned him down due to age and lack of experience.

At present the company only publishes Atkinson’s own books, but he is looking to expand it to other authors in the future.

With his new book, Atkinson hopes to sell at least 1,000 copies to get more interest in his writing.

He said: “Someone mentioned that 1,000 books was the sales number at which publishing houses and agents would be interested in signing you.

“To draw purchasers in, we published 1,000 first editions. Anyone who buys a copy is added to a unique purchasers list and receives a special downloadable certificate.”

“It feels great to know that my work is out there and that people are enjoying it.

“As a writer, I think you have the most respect for people who read your work and enjoy it – it’s the best feeling.”

Atkinson will look to write his third novel after graduating in 2013, and he already has a few ideas for the plot.

To find out more about the author and Walking on Cinders, visit the novel’s official website.

Source: University of Lincoln