March 1, 2011 2.12 pm This story is over 158 months old

A longer, smaller Christmas Market?

Lessons learnt: The City Council is trying to come up with ways to avoid another cancellation of the Lincoln Christmas Market.

The City of Lincoln is considering a longer, yet scaled-down Christmas Market this year, following the cancellation of last year’s event due to severe weather.

“We took a vote and it was unanimous. We had to call off the Christmas Market,” recalls Rob Bradley, the man in charge of safety at Lincoln Christmas Market.

Heavy snow fall and low temperatures led to the first cancellation of the market in 28 years in December 2010, despite council efforts (pictured).

City Council staff and councillors are now looking at future markets, trying to come up with ways to avoid a similar incident.

In an interview with Your Lincoln, Bradley explained the council wants to make the market “not necessarily the biggest, but the best.”

“One option is to have a market for a longer period, bur perhaps on a slightly smaller scale.

“This might mean that some of the market could still go ahead, even if there was severe weather for a few days.

“It might also have less of an impact on the local area by spreading the visitor numbers over a longer period, and create less disruption for residents with fewer road closures,” Bradley added.

The City of Lincoln are carrying out a survey on the Lincoln Christmas Market website, asking for opinions from local people, stallholders and visitors.