March 10, 2011 4.00 pm This story is over 158 months old

Lincoln EDL man gets 10-year CRASBO

Banned: A Lincoln man received a 10-year CRASBO after he subjected a family to racially offensive language.

A Lincoln man has received a 10-year Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (CRASBO), which prevents him attending any public English Defence League (EDL) meetings.

Shane Overton (38) of Parker Avenue, Lincoln received the CRASBO at Doncaster Crown Court following his attendance at an EDL meeting in Newcastle last year.

He pleaded guilty to racially aggravated public order following an incident on a train at Doncaster on May 29 last year.

Overton was arrested by British Transport Police (BTP) after he subjected a family to racially offensive language whilst “patiently waiting for their train”.

“The extreme views expressed by Overton caused two children to cling to their parents in fear,” said BTP Chief Inspector Tom Naughton.

“No one should be made to feel fear or concern for their safety purely because of the language they speak or the colour of their skin.”

Andy Haworth is from the National Domestic Extremism Unit, a national police unit who worked alongside BTP and Lincolnshire Police.

“It is only the second time a CRASBO of this nature has been granted to individuals participating in Defence League demonstrations,” Haworth said.

“It is widely anticipated other police forces will follow suit and apply for CRASBOs to stop violent individuals from subverting other wise legitimate, lawful, protests.

“While the Defence Leagues are entitled to protest, violence has been a persistent feature of their demonstrations and on this occasion on the offence was committed while travelling from a demonstration.”

Under the conditions of the CRASBO, Shane Overton is unable to travel on or enter any railway station or contact the victims in this case.

He’s also restricted to knowingly participate in, organise or control any demonstration, meeting, gathering or website concerning the EDL.

Overton also can’t enter or loiter outside any mosque, Islamic prayer room, meeting room, school, cultural centre or festival site.

Simon Bromiley from Lincolnshire Police said: “We are extremely pleased with this result.

“We have worked closely with our national partners on this case and we are hopeful that utilising this kind of legislation will enable us to curb Overton’s offending and tackle racism and Islamophobia in our community in the future.”

Source: Lincolnshire Police