March 24, 2011 4.22 pm This story is over 152 months old

Lincoln MP asks his first PM question

PMQ: Lincoln’s MP managed to get his first question to the Prime Minister by catching the speaker’s eye.

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney asked his first question to the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on Wednesday, March 23, since he first got the seat in 2010.

McCartney applied several times to ask the Prime Minister a question (he has never been selected), but he managed to ‘catch the speaker’s eye‘.

McCartney, a Conservative MP, said:

“My right hon. Friend the Prime Minister might be aware that the Financial Times reported earlier this week that Gaddafi is sitting on $6.5 billion-worth of gold in his war chest.

Although there is precious little to commend the current leader of Libya, gold has been the great inflation hedge throughout our history. Britain, on the other hand, sold off her gold reserves at the behest of the shadow Chancellor, when he worked as a bag carrier at the Treasury, in order to bolster the then failing euro.

Which of those two is more psychologically flawed?”

Prime Minister David Cameron replied:

“That was an ingenious question from my hon. Friend. I have to say that selling the gold was one of the many appalling decisions taken by the previous Government and was advised by the two people now responsible for their economic policy in opposition.”