March 3, 2011 3.28 pm This story is over 156 months old

Price hike at NCP Brayford car parks

Rip-off ? Prices at the city centre NCP car parks are over 50% more expensive than the nearest City Council-ran car park.

Following a price increase, parking fees at the NCP-operated car parks in Lincoln city centre are now 50% more expensive than the closest City Council-ran car park.

Two hours of parking at the NCP High Street multi-storey car park now cost £4.70, while the adjacent NCP Brayford Street charges £8.50 for two to four hours of parking.

The NCP High Street offers 193 places, while the Brayford Street car park has 60 outside bays.

For parking between two to four hours, the High Street car park charges £6.60, or £7.20 for four to six hours. The price for six to 24 hours is £8.50.

Vis-a-vis NCP’s multi-storey, the firm charges £8.50 for two to four hours or £10.20 for four to 24 hours, alongside a night rate of £3.10.

The prices at the two city centre car parks are on average over 50% more expensive than the closest City of Lincoln Council-ran car park at Lucy Tower.

The council charges £1.50 for an hour at the 424-spaces multi-storey, £2.50 for two hours, £3.50 for three hours, or £4.50 for four hours parking.

The City Council also allows all pay and display tickets purchased up to three hours to be fully transferable between all 20 council car parks in Lincoln.