April 19, 2011 3.44 pm This story is over 153 months old

Council survey shows public CCTV support

Support: After a month and almost 350 responses, a survey reveals public support for Lincoln’s CCTV service.

Most of the people in Lincoln think the city requires a public CCTV system, a City Council survey with 341 respondents found.

The City of Lincoln Council, which funds the CCTV service with around £434,000 per year, ran the consultation to figure out the future of the service.

Options explored included reducing the hours the service runs for in order to save money, or scrap CCTV in Lincoln altogether.

Preliminary findings from the consultation show 92% of the 341 respondents think Lincoln requires a public CCTV system, with 91% believing it to be either ‘Very important’ or ‘Important’.

However, over a third of people felt that responsibility should be more equally shared between the council, the police and local businesses.

John Bibby, Director of Housing and Community Services at the City of Lincoln Council, said: “It’s clear from our initial public consultation that most people who completed the survey value the CCTV service in Lincoln for various reasons.

“We’re also interested to learn that the majority of respondents feel the cost of the service should be shared, rather than fall to the sole responsibility of the council.

“If the CCTV service is to be retained, we will certainly need to make significant cuts in the cost of operating the service, given the overall level of savings the council has to make in the next two years.

“However, we will bear in mind the public opinion about the service when we speak to our partners, including the police and local businesses.

“In light of the findings of the survey, we will continue discussions and consultations with the police and local businesses and will be looking to continue dialogue about the future of CCTV in Lincoln and how that may be provided.

“A decision on the future of the CCTV service is expected in the summer, once all consultations are complete and firm options are available.”

Source: City of Lincoln Council