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Royal Wedding: watch, party or avoid?

Royal event: Is the Royal Wedding must-see-TV, an excuse to party, or just another day off?

Wills and Kate are making it official this weekend and the nation has been invited to join from the comfort of the collective living room.

But what will the people of Lincoln be doing on Friday the 29th April? Is the Royal Wedding must-see-TV, an excuse to party, or just another day off?

Susan Williams

Susan Williams (65) Bracebridge Heath, Retired Nurse

“I think it’s wonderful, I really love it. I’m making a buffet, and there’ll be a little bit of alcohol for later on. I’ll be up at 8 o’clock, BBC, glued to the TV. I think it’s a lovely day and I’m really looking forward to it. My niece in Canada is getting up at four in the morning to watch it. Without the Royal Family we wouldn’t be what we are today.”

Trevor Gibbs

Trevor Gibbs (31) Lincoln, Wedding Photographer

“Absolutely [no plans] at all, because it’s a farce. The whole idea of monarchy in this day and age, in this current climate, it doesn’t work. It’s all too traditional. Why do we need to have a royal wedding? Why do we need to make such a big deal about it?

“I’m not really bothered. I just think the whole thing’s a bit of a joke. I haven’t got a day off, I’m self-employed. They’re trying to have a public holiday, but some people get a day off, some don’t.”

Sinclair Ashman

Sinclair Ashman (49), Graphic Designer

“I wish them well but it’s not really something that I’m that interested in. I hope they have a good day but no more than that really. I may be doing something completely different, or working as I work from home. We might go out for the day, who knows. I’m not really a royalist, I’m more of a parliamentarian myself, but I do wish them well.”

Lynn Hancock

Lynn Hancock (49), Housewife

“I think it’s fabulous and I’m really looking forward to it. We’re going to be watching it. In the evening we’re going to a party. You’ve got to wear floral dresses and tiaras or red, white and blue. There are about thirty people going.

“I think that Kate and William especially, they’re very much thought of in this country, very cherished. I think that people are behind them.”

Louis Coe

Louis Coe (17) Lincoln, Student

“I’ll probably be in bed, isn’t it starting at like half seven in the morning? I think it’s a bit overrated. Why can’t they have a normal wedding like everyone else?”

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